The Association

The Association of Frinton Beach Hut Owners (AFBHO) was formed in 1994 to represent beach hut owners interests. We now have over 700 members. There are many benefits to becoming a member including;

  1. Discounts from beach hut insurers, builders and hut maintenance companies. see our FAQs page for more information.

  2. Daily patrols along the length of Frinton sea front. Any damage is immediately reported to the individual member concerned

  3. The association works together with the local police in combating incidents of vandalism

  4. An Annual General Meeting where members can express their views, concerns and recommendations to local council representatives, local Police and AFBHO committee members.

  5. A channel of communication between the association and Tendring District Council.

Membership costs just £10.00 per year. You can become a member by completing the form below.  You will also need to set up a Standing Order details of which are also on the form 2016 APPLICATION FORM-2.pdf. If you have any other questions then please email us at


The Association of Frinton Beach Hut Owners